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Film Review of Monsoon Clips

Film : Monsoon Clips (2019) Director : Diganta Dey

“Love”, this four-lettered word has enormous power and vast meaning. It not only defines the compassion and emotional attachment of a person with his/her beloved but also stands as an untamed weapon of the world’s hatred. The irony begins with the film when a fighter plane wing commander Md. Hussain speaks his soul to his beloved wife. It is the war ( or the machine of war) that is taking his life slowly and on the other hand, it is his love that is trying it’s best to retain this precious soul on Earth.

The entire set up of the film is located in Monsoon of Kolkata as Ila, Hussan’s wife is a Bengali Hindu woman. I believe the Bengali tone in Ila’s Hindi diction is intentional. Director has wisely chosen Anamika Singha’s comparatively childish and ungroomed voice opposite mature Deep Basu’s voice over as Hussain which beautifully depicts the pampered Ila’s evolution from a sweet forgetful loving wife to an independent woman who leaves her known surroundings in search of the true meaning of ‘Love’, that too with a great feeling of emptiness which she earned due to the Death of Hussain. It is not only the story of Hussain and Ila’s inter-religion Love but also the story of Ila’s journey towards finding herself.

The main subplot of the film revolves around the futility of Mig-series aircraft of Indian  Airforce. No doubt this Russia made war aircrafts had been a great instrument for our country to win several wars but unfortunately the high rate of crushes of these aircraft became a great concern for all of us. The film at its very beginning states that it is a tribute to the martyrs of our motherland and especially to Indian Airforce which has lost their Brave pals due to the negligence of the system. The music of the film is quite notable with beautiful background music of violin which successfully mixed the melancholy of the rainy season along with Ila’s pain. To conclude it is a beautiful story with an experimental way of telling and a watch worthy film no doubt.

The film has been released today – 15th August 2020 – in OTT platforms like Indieshorts, MycinemaHall & in international OTT ‘UK Film Channel’.

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