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Why youngsters choose a career as an Air Cabin Crew?

If you have an unslakable appetite for travelling, and, at the same time, you’re also good at caring people, a career as an Air Cabin Crew is a good choice for you. Being among the highly sought after careers, Air Cabin Crew is a glamorous, adventurous and lucrative job. But, the career also takes the same amount of hard work, dedication and enthusiasm due to a rigorous competition. 

As a member of the Air Cabin Crew team in an Aeroplane, your primary responsibility would be to look after the comfort and safety of the passengers, and make them feel special by being the real you. During their travel, you will be required to meet and greet the passengers, provide the safety briefings, and serve food and drinks. And, to effectuate those responsibilities, the abilities that you need are excellent communication skills along with a good level of English and numeracy skills. Also, bear in mind that seamless travel is going to be an essential part of your job.  

As far as the qualification is concerned, for many, it may come as something of a surprise that a degree is not usually required to work as an Air Cabin Crew. Notwithstanding, if you are holding a degree in travel, tourism, hospitality management, leisure or languages, it would, probably, inch up your chances of getting shortlisted. Moreover, a nursing degree could also be an added advantage. 

What usually is more important than your academic qualifications are your personal qualities, appearance and good health & fitness. Another important requirement is a valid passport, but that’s for international travel. Experience gained in the fields of customer service, nursing, catering or the hotel, tourism or travel trades will help you to show that you possess the necessary skills and qualities required to perform the role adequately.  

During the job, you may be assigned a small scheduled airline or a larger passenger airline. But, that’s not an issue, as the job comes with a large degree of social respect and the ability to travel the world. And, also If you’re lucky and deserving enough to obtain a long-haul cabin crew job, then congrats, you, truly, are going to experience some fantastic places.

As you attain experience and expertise, you can advance your career to a senior cabin crew or cabin management role, or specialise in working with wealthy clients on private aircraft. Further, you may also be able to choose a ground-based career in domains such as marketing, sales, HR, passenger services or cabin crew training.    

In the end, it is worth mentioning that If you’re really looking forward to this exciting career, then you must also be ready for the cons that this job has – difficult working conditions, irate passengers and unsociable hours. But, if you’re the one who can navigate through such difficult challenges, then a prosperous, glamorous and inspiring career is waiting for you.

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