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The breeding land of terrorism

Being the focal point of longstanding dispute between India and Pakistan, the Kashmir problem seems refusing to die down anytime soon. More than seventy years of independence of both the countries are replete with the evidence and instances that the circumstances between the two have more exacerbated than ameliorated as the years rolled by. Undoubtedly, at the core of this unfriendly situation between the two remained the Pakistan’s stance of resorting to the terror on its soil to help infiltrate the terrorist through the LoC to create insurgency in Kashmir — with an apparent help of Kashmiri Separatists.

Though not for the first time, this fact has become more crystal clear with the recent apprehension of Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist and his statements. His confession in front of media at the Police Control Room that he was helped cross through to the LoC with an agenda of reviving the insurgency in Kashmir, following his four month training at the terror camp based in Muzaffarabad, reflects Pakistan’s brazen acts of running terror institutions on its soil which indoctrinate, mostly, youth to carry out its terror and insurgent propaganda outside Pakistan.

However, despite umpteen proofs and evidences recorded by captured terrorists provided in tandem by India, Pakistan, though not surprisingly, either outrightly rejected them or started harping the same — but now obsolete— tune of being a victim of terror by itself. Capturing a terrorist alive is as significant as it gets. As a matter of fact, security forces or police, generally does not need to turn the things upside down for the proofs. The apprehended terrorist himself is the evidence of the larger conspiracies and can be produced to the international courts whenever the need arises.

Nevertheless, in the case of newly captured terrorist in Kashmir, who claims to be from the Mianwali located in Punjab of Pakistan’s side, it would be quite uneasy for Pakistan to categorically refuse India’s claims and, for that matter, his confession unlike it did in the case of Ajmal Amir Kasab captured during the Mumbai attacks with significant amount of ammunition and his statements to the interrogators that he was trained in and sent by Pakistan based terror groups. Pakistan, at that moment even refused to accept him as their citizen. So, the considerable historical evidences and terrorists kept in Indian jails are sufficient to corroborate Pakistan’s hypocritical and unabashed stance on terrorism. Undoubtedly, that shameless stance makes Pakistan reject the terrorists captured on foreign soil as its citizens. And, unsurprisingly, this time too Pakistan would try to duck the evidences of its misdeeds that stick out a mile.

Ironically, India may not have succeeded in convincing Pakistan of it being a heaven for terror outfits and their unacceptable activities, but India has, successfully, exposed Pakistan’s terror agenda before the world, and with India’s marvelous efforts Pakistan’s terror exporting stance has come into the global spotlight, resulting into the global censure for Pakistan. As a matter of fact, world knows today that how Pakistan is nurturing terrorists on its soil to export them to its neighboring countries—Although China is an exception as it, too, becomes the trouble shooter for some of its ‘favorite terrorists’ on various global platforms.

A string of successful military operations has, to a significant extent, pre-empted terror-spreading agenda of Pakistan in the Kashmir valley. The Pakistan exported terrorists are, now, unable to recruit the pliable and innocent youth of valley by brainwashing them. This alertness of Indian Military, perhaps, has frustrated Lashkar-e-Taiba as they are toiling hard to camber back to the valley so as to keep the insurgency preserved. In order to carry through their such bloody intentions, the recently captured terrorist was sent to the valley. Therefore, his arrest, undoubtedly, implies a great achievement for security forces. But, in the end the obvious question that arises is to what extent India could isolate Pakistan internationally, provided the current scenarios?

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