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Blacklisting terror

Finally, the international community has taken a long overdue and much-needed step in the favor of humanity by designating Jaish-e-Mohammad Ringleader Masood Azhar as a Global Terrorist. Anything less would not have been suffice for an inhuman terrorist who carried out a string of brutal terror attacks in India and other countries. Without mincing the words, we can say that Masood Azhar has now been hurled to his rightful place in United Nations’ blacklist where terrorists like him and terror organizations like his are barred. In this backdrop, India’s diplomatic wit also can not be left out without its deserving credit for playing a marvelous part during the entire course of putting a bridle on Azhar.

Masood Azhar escaped a global terrorist status for so long owing to China’s double standards on the policy of terrorism as China kept giving the runaround to global efforts aiming to curb Azhar’s intolerable and barbaric activities. Had China supported global efforts irrespective of its vested interests in saving the terrorist, Masood Azhar could have been in UN’s blacklist a long ago. Recently, the other members of UN security council did a commendable job by pressurizing China to get it on the same page.

India’s success of getting Jaish Chief an International Terrorist Tag, perhaps has killed two birds with one stone, the other bird being Pakistan itself which has, once again, been exposed to the world as a staunch sympathizer and the nurturer of terror organisations like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba alongside others and, of course, their Ringleaders. And, they, undoubtedly, enjoy a wholehearted assistance of Pakistan Military and ISI.

Masood, recently, invited sharp criticism in the wake of his reprehensible terror attack in Pulwama, killing 44 CRPF soldiers, following which US moved a proposal in UN flanked by the support of UK and France to enlist Jaish Ringleader as global terrorist. Being behind a string of attacks from Mumbai attacks to Pathankot, Uri, attacks on army and civilians in Nagarkot, Masood Azhar has long been most wanted in India. India was forced to release Masood Azhar after arresting him from Kashmir in 1994, in lieu of the Kandhar Plane hijack victims.

Henceforth, Azhar set up his terror base in Pakistan and kept conspiring to carry out terror attacks in India. Indian intelligence and security agencies handed Pakistan a spate of proofs, but, predictably, Pakistan establishments categorically rejected all the proofs and even denied the presence of Masood Azhar in their country.  Now, after the Pulwama attack a beleaguered Pakistan has been forced to accept his presence.

Following its massive investments in Pakistan, China could not fly in the face of Pakistan and hence, it did Pakistan and Masood Azhar a warmest favor by vetoing later’s enlistment in UN’s blacklist several times. But, China’s strategy, apparently, took a drastic turn after US’s pressure on it and more interestingly, after recent Imran Khan and Xi Jinping’s meet. The acceptance of China in the recent BRI summit that Mumbai attacks were the most notorious act of terrorism, tellingly, points towards US pressure on China.

After getting Masood Azhar blacklisted from United Nations, the second challenge that India faces is to bring him to India and, most importantly, to the justice. And, as far as the next door is concerned Imran Khan’s obsolete harp that ‘the all Pakistan wants is the peace’ and if India takes a step forward, then the next two steps will be of them.

Enough of talking Mr. Khan, now it’s time to walk your talk.

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