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A self-goal by Trump

As the latest in a series of developments bound up with the US that unfolded to unsurprisingly surprise almost the entire world, the US President Donald Trump, in a huff, has pulled the plug on United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). A nation— which, despite committing several violations in broad day, portrayed itself in the world as an Avatar carrying a halo of Human Rights—by pulling out of such a crucial global body has left almost the entire world scratching its head.

But, the actual truth of USA’s so-called protectionism to the human rights has been witnessed by the entire world in several events occurred over the period of time. By flipping the Israel card, Trump’s masked strategy of pulling out of UNHRC is, indeed, targeted at avoiding its domestic controversy regarding what’s happening on its border with Mexico. USA accused UNHRC of being “untrustworthy” and at the same time “hypocrite” which exercises double standards. Though the allegations struck to UNHRC by the US, of course, attempt to undermine the global body’s image internationally, but on the other side, the world is not technically unfamiliar with the ostentatious games that the US is adept of playing.

Therefore, such claptrap stunt of US will certainly not do a great disservice to UNHRC’s image on the global platform. USA’s discomfort with the global body reflects in his allegation that the human rights violators across the world are being designated in the commission.

As a matter of fact, the US, for long, has been seeking to create its dominating influence, as it enjoys in several other global organizations needless to mention, in UNHRC too. US’s latest contention with UNHRC came to the fore when the commission took the Trump administration to the task over its child separation policy at the US-Mexico border, where thousands of children of the captured illegal immigrants were separated from their parents and kept in the so-called tender age home (shelters) set up by the US government. That criticism resulted in the US, ferociously, recriminating the global organization and tagged it as a prejudiced and hypocrite body.

In an act to cordon off UNHRC by using Israel as a shield for its own deeds, US accused the organization of being politically biased & pointing its gun at Israel unnecessarily while ignoring the other countries where human rights violations have reached the peak. But, US’s such claims stand on the shaky grounds. The continuous chaos or, in fact, the perilous acts carried out by Israel in Palestine and Gaza are no longer deep-seated and US’s blessings that Israel enjoys are not rocket-science to be understood.

Significantly, this is not for the first time when Trump has amazed the world with his unpredictable decision; earlier he had pulled out of the Paris Climate Pact followed by withdrawal from crucial Iran Nuclear deal.

United Nations Human Rights Commission, during its formation in 2006, was tasked to take constructive measures to pre-empt the human rights violations across the world. From its previous year’s report reads that twenty-nine countries across the world took stern actions against the Human Rights Activists, among them nine were its own members. And, that saw a string of questions being raised against the organization. The report of the “Human Rights Watch”, emphatically, named the countries like Venezuela, Rwanda, China, etc—all are its member countries— for the prima facie human rights violations.

The brutality, the US pursued against the prisoners held at the prison of Guantanamo Bay, is tantamount to a blot on humanity. Similarly, the inhumane acts that took place in Iraq’s prisons point towards a sheer human rights violation. In this backdrop, now the fact is, to the matter of human rights violations, the US itself is beleaguered on the global platform.

Probably, it’s not UNHRC, whose importance is to be undermined in the wake of the recent development rather it’s US’s Global image which is going to suffer another big jolt. And, the latest stunt can, apparently, be recognized as the self-goal by Donald Trump, ironically, in the times when the entire world is going through Football fever

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