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A Tightrope Walk

For decades, North Korea’s stubborn nuclear aspirations have been the bone of contention in its foreign relations approach and simultaneously, had become an unbearable headache for South Korea, Europe and, undeniably, for the USA, too. Perhaps, this is the obvious reason why the historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore’s Sentosa Island made the global media to point their lenses at the historic meet and also, had the world leaders standing with their fingers crossed.

The fruitful outcome of the historic meet and the declaration released thereafter must have given the world a reason to celebrate, most significantly to South Korea. Notwithstanding, what the historic meet, ultimately, produced was technically not up to the expectations. Going by the declaration, both the leaders agreed upon a similar thing that “the people of both the countries want peace and prosperity”, which points towards a “masked strategic phraseology” and, at the same time, does not reflect any explicit and unwavering commitment.

But, in a different perspective, with both the countries continued to be at daggers drawn for decades, the meet, though with a tad outcome, has come out as the great white hope for peace. The hope does, somewhat, reverberate in Kim Jong Un’s high-spirited announcement that he will work towards the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula, and as well as in Trump’s, yet mysterious, guarantee to North Korea’s security. In addition, Trump also defined this pact as a very comprehensive and significant resolution to the world’s most colossal and endangering problem.

In essence, the pact signed by the two whimsical leaders does not seem to be capable enough to circumvent the impasse looming large over the world since the beginning of North Korea’s nuclear programme and subsequent threat exchanges. Trump seeks the eternal denuclearization of North Korea and also a subsequent authentication by the worldly powers. In contrast to that, Kim, instead of agreeing upon a lasting and internationally authenticated disarmament of North Korea alone, emphasized upon the absolute denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula including South Korea where the US poses a threat to its security. Significantly, there was no precise definition of complete denuclearization that came up during the course of Singapore meet. In view of that, the US and North Korea, in the long run, may take each other to task over the conflicting views over the disarmament execution.

The denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula, if it becomes reality, would, undoubtedly, be a welcome move. Yes, Trump did talk about a security guarantee to North Korea but did not precisely justify about the still-in-dark security assurance. Though, after a fortnight since their meeting in Singapore now, Trump has indefinitely suspended all military exercises, as promised, with South Korea to take North into confidence, which seems a good gesture from US side.

It is worth mentioning that these military exercises had disappointed Kim to the extent that he, at a moment, warned for calling off Singapore meet with Trump. And, the disappointment openly expressed by Kim resulted in Trump suspending the military exercises with South Korea, though a fortnight after the meet.

But crucially, the appetite that dragged Kim to the table talk with Trump didn’t die down as Trump declared to continue with the ongoing sanctions imposed on North Korea, and extended the same for another year in sync with cheering him by suspending military exercises with South Korea. The developmental works in North Korea are unable to take off owing to the economic sanctions imposed on it by the USA; which has also led its imports from other countries frozen down.

Perhaps, Kim sensed the situation very well and considered getting out of this labyrinth more important than his pigheadedness. First, he agreed to a bilateral meeting with the President of his neighbor South Korea and then with Trump himself. It will be worth mentioning that the President of South Korea Moon Jae-In played a significant role in bringing both stubborn leaders on the table of discussions. Though, after a long entrance in dark, there is a light visible at the end of the tunnel, but what would be more frightening at every step onward is a tightrope walk to appear ahead for Kim and Trump

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