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What went wrong for Iran in the nuclear deal

On May 8, 2018, US President Donald Trump’s decision over scrapping the nuclear deal has shocked the entire world. Trump cancelled the deal accusing the Iranian regime a leading state sponsor of terror. In a statement, Trump said that nuclear deal was “worst, horrible and laughable”. Iran has signed a nuclear deal with p5+1 USA, Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and Germany world superpower under NPT in Vienna in 2015. Through this deal, Iran negotiates to curb its nuclear program and also for relief from an Economic embargo that enabled Iran doing business in international banking, global oil trade.

The nuclear deal restricted Iran to use an older slower version of a nuclear reactor. The low concentrations of uranium which has only 3 to 4 % of U-235 can only be used for produce fuel for nuclear power. For producing nuclear weapons it needed 90% of uranium enriched. The main issue is here that if Iran had decided to push for nuclear weapons. They would take the two to three month because they have enough 90% enriched uranium. And also Iran has a large stockpile of enriched uranium with of 2000 centrifuges enough for creating eight to ten nuclear weapons.

Iran committed to the protocol under NPT and JCPOA and they agreed that they would redesign the reactor so they couldn’t make any weapon of mass destruction. Iran also agreed to implement the additional protocol under IAEA safeguard agreement which allows an inspector to access any sites anywhere in the country. In the deal, Iran of committed not to indulge in research and development which could contribute to the development of the nuclear bomb.
The global IAEA watchdog has frequently visited the sites of the nuclear reactor to verify that no fusible material is moved covertly to a secret location to design the nuclear bomb. Since the deal come into existence the global IAEA watchdog has visited 8 times to the nuclear sites and have found nothing and also submitted a report mentioning that there is no such activities is going on and Iran Nuclear program is totally peaceful.

Why the US withdraws from the nuclear deal

The Iran Nuclear deal had been signed under Obama administration. In the presidential election, Donald Trump promised to dismantle the deal with Iran by saying that the agreement it was a bad deal and also Iran for falling short of agreement and Iran engaged in missile programme. Trump also said that Iran deal was worst horrible and laughable because Trump administration accused Iran of involvement in the regional conflict and in the proxy war. After Trump took the decision Saudi Arabia and Israel praised Trump decision. It is also noted that the western power has been suspecting Iran over nuclear weapons since 2003. And also they have criticized Iran that they engaged in making a weapon of mass destruction. However, Iran never has such intention to involve in such activities. If they had to build up a nuclear bomb they would have done it before.
Iran as a regional threat.

Iran growing its power in the Middle East in Syria they backed Assad regime against the rebel group and successfully launched a campaign against Isis with help of Hezbollah and other shia militants. In Yemen civil war Iran backing Houthi rebel against Yemen dictator And Rabbu Mansoor Hadi. In Lebanon Hezbollah always create a threat to Israel over Syrian Golan Hight. Iran was first to recognize Hamas as the legitimate Palestinian political party and they continue supporting the Palestinian cause. Whereas Saudi Arab, GCC, and Israel were first countries who supported Trump over the withdrawal of Nuclear deal. Saudi and Israel have an interest are to become a regional power. If Iran would have stayed in the deal this would lead them to become a regional power. As ongoing crisis in Middle east where Saudi Arabia backing Yemeni government and supplying financial aids to Hadi and also to Rebel group against the Assad to overthrow him from the president. GCC concern over Iran nuclear deal is a direct threat to them as Iran has only intention to dominate the Middle East. After Iranian revolution and their basic idea was to take revolution throughout the Middle East. The Arab nation felt so threatened that Creation of GCC was the factor over Iran’s aggressive expansionist goal. Gulf Cooperation Council a regional, political, Economic and Security Alliance of six countries Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman. They GCC countries rely on the US and they are principled aligned for arms and Security in the GCC states. In the present scenario, GCC states are involved through the middle east to counter unstable activities conflict in the region. Iran is the only competitor for GCC in oil market Iran’s engagement in the Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.

Turkey is silence because of NATO membership in Turkey is closed Alliance and also Turkey is the Third largest Economic partner in trade with Iran. But Turkey Double standard game which shows the true face of Turkey when they supported Free Syrian Army and supplied financial aid and Arms to Rebel group against Assad. So here Iran can’t go with Turkey.

European Union commitment to save the deal

EU was also partner the deal and they didn’t backed Trump decision over withdraw deal. EU committed on the agreement and European member and their companies will continue their business with Iran. This may lead to damage US EU relationship if they continue with the business as Trump said that those who come to rescue Iran will also face the same consequences of Sanctions. Now EU fears that billions of dollar worth trade and thousands of jobs could be in jeopardised.

Some of EU biggest deal is at risk French Energy giant deal worth 5 billion dollar to help Iran in develop the world largest oil field is at risk. Norwegian firm Saga Energy 3 billion dollars plan to build solar power plant holding up. And Airbus deal to sell 100 jets to Iran is under threat.


Iran after signing the nuclear accord have committed on the agreement. The only problem is with the regional power and US hegemony who constrain Iran. As we know that countries like India, Pakistan, and North Korea without signing any NPT deal have nuclear bomb. No one questioned them. EU come in front to rescue Iran deal was scrapped but EU intention is not to takeout Iran from danger but to do business and Cheap resources and labour.
Regional rivalry like Israel and Saudi Arabia and nuclear state and none nuclear states are the major factor behind the cancellation of the deal. After islamic revolution Iran become a major problem for the regional countries and also it’s has a sectarian war between Shia and sunni. Iran involvement in the regional conflict put them into isolation. After the Trump decision to move on from Iran nuclear deal and also restricted Them of doing business through the sanctioned. After all, Iran have a close relation with International Level with China, Russia and India. And Iran also have strong regional strength good relation with neighbour countries. Iran also capable to overcome from the economic sanctioned and it have survived as the regional power after all. Time will tell the story who have won and who have lost. This also created US policy on questioned in Trump administration. Iran accused the US for breaching the nuclear deal and also for showing bad faith.


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