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Vladimir Putin: The undisputed ruler of our time

As an outcome set to upset the political equations across the world, especially that of the western world, Russian president Vladimir Putin registered the fourth magnificent electoral win and got the mandate to continue his rule in Russia. With his significant triumph, Putin sent out a clear message that there is no point of distrust against him among the Russians.

Putin’s recent electoral win has significance on various fronts. He has emerged victorious in his fiduciary test at domestic level at a time, when his inflexible and uncompromising attitude has, at the international level, triggered the direct confrontation with western countries including the USA. And, with his hard-line attitude, Putin has, in past few years, appeared as a global leader with an unbending and decisive frame of mind.

Putin’s stronghold in his domestic power regime is corroborated by the fact that he polled 76 per cent votes in the recent elections, more than the 63 percent that he received in 2012 and 53 percent in 2000 when he became the President for the first time. The ascending order of vote arithmetic points towards his increasing popularity and credibility. Putin is also credited with bringing out Russia from the maelstrom raised out of the USSR’s downfall. Meanwhile, Putin not just came up as a strong leader for the Russians but also did not let the western pressure cloud over his adamant influence in the global affairs.

Undoubtedly, Putin has a tough road ahead, waiting for him during his fourth term. Syria, at present, appears to have become the battleground for both-US and Russia. None of the sides is signaling to lay down a compromising & peaceful approach. Going by the recent grim situations of Syria, the initial period of Putin’s fourth presidential term would be significant.

Moreover, the latest confrontation between Russia and Britain over the alleged killing of a former Russian spy in Britain has catapulted the fears of another age of cold war. Britain and Russia both have crowded out each other’s diplomats. And, unsurprisingly, many European countries and the United States have expressed their solidarity with Britain. In this backdrop, Putin would be facing a bigger diplomatic challenge.

At the time, when Chinese President Xi Jing Ping has cunningly paved his way for the lifetime presidency, the simultaneous timing of Putin’s victory is very significant. In addition, the inching relationship of Russia and China has baffled the United States. Likewise, by extending its hand towards Pakistan for a productive relationship, Russia has hinted at forming a bilateral alliance of Russia- Pakistan-China in Asian continent in the hour of need.

At the moment, India has strong bilateral ties with Russia, but Russia is not unknown about the sensitive ties of India and Pakistan. Last year, Russia conducted a military exercise with Pakistan, ignoring India’s protest and concerns. In this backdrop, Putin’s real test would be to retrieve Russia’s status of superpower while maintaining a regional balance in Asia.


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