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PM Modi’s Lok Sabha speech farrago of misrepresentations: Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader and Thiruvananthapuram MP Sashi Tharoor Wednesday dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha a farrago of misrepresentations and half-truths.

Slamming the PM outside Parliament, Tharror said: “Prime Minister may be a terrific orator, but this speech (in Lok Sabha) was a farrago of misrepresentations and half-truth. I mean to claim credit for example lowering the price of solar panels when everyone knows that worldwide solar panel prices have gone down.”

According to a report in ANI, Tharoor also said the prices of solar panels and gas have come down so it was not right for Prime Minister Modi to take credit for them.

“Everyone knows worldwide prices of the solar panel have come down. And, of course, the gas prices have gone down in the international market,” Tharoor added and questioned as to why were people paying more for diesel and petrol if their prices went down.

Tharoor asked, “Why does not he compare the 10-year average of UPA with the first three years of the NDA ? Had he done so, probably he would have found very-very different numbers.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared of three years of UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government with the first three years of NDA(National Democratic Alliance).

PM Modi had lambased Congress party and Gandhi family, saying that, Partition was a result of Congress’ wrong policies.

Delivering Motion of Thanks to the President’s address at the start of the Budget session 2018, Modi said: “Not a single day has passed when country has not suffered due to poision sowed by you (Congress).”

Modi alleged that even after 70 years of Independence, 125 crore Indians have to suffer every single day for the sins that the Congress committed.

When opposition MPs shouted slogans as PM Modi speaks in Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister replied:”I wish the opposition had the courage to listen to silently.”

“Opposition has the right to protest but not disrupt,” Modi said. “I see that whenever we are criticised by select opposition parties, substance is lacking. They go back to saying; ‘when we were in power…’ This is the same party that divided India.”

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