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Rajinikanth’s party calls for worker

Superstar Rajinikanth Monday got down to the task of registering members of his yet-to-be launched political party right away, according to a report in NDTV. The 67-year-old actor asked people – his legion of followers and everyone else yearning for change in Tamil Nadu – to enrol themselves on his website.

“I have launched this website to coordinate fan club members and concerned citizens who want a good political transformation under one umbrella, ” Rajinikanth said in a 74-second video message put out on his Twitter handle.

Sitting against the backdrop of a poster of a yogic mudra that he had flashed yesterday – a raised forefinger and little finger, with the tips of the middle finger, ring finger touching the thumb – asked people come forward to “bring a good political change in Tamil Nadu.

Rajinikanth had yesterday counted the political turmoil in the state after J Jayalalithaa’s death as one of the reasons why he had taken the political plunge. These events, he said in an oblique reference to the struggle for power within the ruling AIADMK, had put the state to shame. “If I don’t make this decision now, then I would let the people down… the guilt will haunt me,” he had said on Sunday.

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